TAB2APP, the automatic web apps factory.

What is TAB2APP ?

A platform and a methodology to build data-intensive web applications quickly and with low resources.

5 times cheaper

5 times faster

Quality and robustness

How ?

By using spreadsheet as software design tool.

Did you know that ?

A spreadsheet is turing-complete. That means we can use it to solve any computable problem.

Our mission ?

Make software affordable.






Your web app works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.


Many chart types are supported. You can integrate reporting views into your app.


You can generate dynamically many document formats out of your application data.


A built-in Rest API for outbound interfacing. Easy inbound interfacing.

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Much like a spreadsheet, TAB2APP is so flexible and general purpose. We can model and solve whatever problem while using its specific vocabulary and rules. We can build simple applications like a calculator, forms, well as more complex systems.

All that without coding, unless you are not familiar with formula language :). If you had to develop such a software otherwise, you would spend thousands of hours specifying, coding, testing, debugging, reporting, deploying...not to talk about the cost!

Small/Medium Businesses

Engage your digital transformation smoothly. Prototype micro-ERP services tailored to your organization. Avoid financial and operational risks of costy developments or complex integration of predefined solutions.


For Computer Science learning or as a support tool for other disciplines, tab2app could help in teaching and realizing educational web-enabled projects.

Startups & Tech

TAB2APP helps you quickly prototype your idea or integrates it as a technology brick. Speed up your time-to-market!

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TAB2APP, concept and objectives

May 20

This article tackles three problems of today's web development ecosystem (and software development in general). The increasing complexity and cost of web projects and the big technical gap that impedes active contribution, of non-developpers or low resources organizations, to it and obstructs the benefit they can withdraw. Web is a foundation for any digital transformation and web applications are central pilars...

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